Starting at $105: Get a professional, unbiased point-of-view before you commit. KNOW MORE during these highly competitive times in the Philadelphia real estate market.

SHORT NOTICE? Call/text (267) 432-1776 for availability.

A walk-through consultation (residential property consultation) is intended for potential buyers/investors in a highly competitive position for a home you’re interested in and you need unbiased observations from a professional’s point-of-view. A walk-through is also for existing home owners who want to prioritize a home improvement list and to hopefully find out about small problems before they turn into big ones.

We’ll walk you through the interior and exterior of a home and share our observations, concerns, and insights. I’ll bring my flashlight + moisture detector, and you’ll take notes. The fee starts at $105, but if you want to look at multiple properties that are nearby we can work out a deal.

We’ll focus on potential major concerns and avoid any superficial/cosmetic issues, and things like loose doorknobs or noisy ceiling fans. NO REPORT will be given, nothing in writing will be provided since this is NOT a home inspection. Realize the limits and the benefits of such a consultation. And it’s strongly encouraged that you get a home inspection if you purchase the home to avoid any big surprises.

  • Maintenance is a pain and is frequently neglected.
  • Sellers don’t know what they’re selling, therefore, buyers don’t know what they’re buying.

What’s Needed Before a Consultation
I’ll accompany the home buyer/investor and real estate agent on the showing, but I do not set up the showing. You or your agent should notify the seller’s agent that a residential property consultant/home inspector will be accompanying them during the showing, but will only be there to walk and talk. As noted, this will not be a home inspection.

What About the Roof?
For row homes, realize that most roofs/roofing material (and chimneys) will not be viewable or accessible during a walk-through consultation, with the exception of a porch roof, or low rear roof. Do your best to inquire (with your agent) about the status of the roof.

Don’t let anyone keep you in the dark. You don’t have to settle for less about your largest investment. Luck favors the prepared.


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