For buyer, sellers and existing homeowners starting at $150:
A walk-through consultation is a swift and cost-effective way to know more about what you’re looking to buy, or sell.

A walk-through consultation (residential property consultation) is intended for potential buyers/investors in a highly competitive position for a home you’re interested in and you need unbiased observations from a professional’s point-of-view. A walk-through is also for sellers and existing home owners who want to prioritize a home improvement list and to hopefully find out about small problems before they turn into big ones.

  • Maintenance is a pain and is frequently neglected.
  • Sellers don’t know what they’re selling, therefore, buyers don’t know what they’re buying.

We’ll walk you through the interior and exterior of a home and share our observations, concerns, and insights. I’ll bring my flashlight + moisture detector, and you’ll take notes. If you want to look at multiple properties that are nearby we can work out a deal.

We’ll focus on potential major concerns and avoid any superficial/cosmetic issues, and things like loose doorknobs or noisy ceiling fans. NO REPORT will be given, nothing in writing will be provided since this is NOT a home inspection. Realize the limits and the benefits of such a consultation. And it’s strongly encouraged that you get a home inspection if you purchase the home to avoid any big surprises.

What’s Needed from Buyers Before a Consultation
I’ll accompany the home buyer/investor and real estate agent on the showing, but I do not set up the showing. You or your agent should notify the seller’s agent that a residential property consultant/home inspector will be accompanying them during the showing, but will only be there to walk and talk. As noted, this will not be a home inspection.

What About the Roof?
For row homes, realize that most roofs/roofing material (and chimneys) will not be viewable or accessible during a walk-through consultation, with the exception of a porch roof, or low rear roof. Do your best to inquire (with your agent) about the status of the roof.