Jason is a true professional and expert in his field. He provided a complete and thorough inspection of the entire home while explaining all of his findings along the way. He was a great communicator and arrived early on site to inspect the exterior of the home. He took his time with the inspection and was in no rush at all. His report contained clear images and detailed descriptions along with standard practices and recommendations. His pricing along with the radon inspection was competitive and overall was great to work with.

Ryan Ng

Jason was very detailed, informative, friendly and professional. His price was better than the inspectors I researched and was worth the money. He responded quickly to any questions or concerns and is very honest. I would definitely recommend his service to my family and friends.

Janita Jones-Waiters


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Walk-through Consultation

  • Starts at $150
  • A walk-through can be for potential buyers and investors during high-competition (or existing home owners). You and your agent accompany me to a house and we will tour and discuss the most important aspects of that house.
  • I bring a flashlight + moisture detector, and you take notes
  • Learn more

Home Inspection (buyers)

  • Starts at $390 (Condos start at $290)
  • Includes use of a thermal/infrared camera.
  • See the What to Expect page. See this SAMPLE REPORT.
  • Wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection can be immediately added-on (Boro Extermination Company does the inspection).
  • Radon testing can be immediately added-on (Boro technician will do the testing).
  • For more info about Boro’s WDI inspection and radon testing click here.

Home Inspection (sellers)

  • Starts at $390 (Condos start at $290)
  • Know what you’re selling! Smarter and wiser home sellers prepare with more knowledge.
  • See the buyer’s inspection info above, and this page for details.
  • See this SAMPLE REPORT.

Home Maintenance Inspection

  • Starts at $390 (Condos start at $290)
  • A maintenance inspection is like a checkup visit to the doctor or dentist that need only happen every 5 years or so.
  • A maintenance inspection can help you prioritize a home improvement list and to hopefully find out about small problems before they turn into big ones. Chimneys are especially a commonly-neglected component that are out-of-sight, out-of-mind, even for renovated homes.
  • See the buyer’s inspection info above, and this page for details.

Thermal Scan Only

  • Starts at $95
  • Verify or find out more about how well your home’s walls and ceilings are insulated
  • Have moisture-prone areas scanned / Discover potentially hidden moisture intrusion / A moisture meter is also used to confirm the presence of moisture after scanning
  • My Certified Residential Thermographer blog post

What To Expect

Top-to-bottom, Inside And Out, Going Beyond The Typical Inspection

My home inspections can take 3-5 hours to conduct (1.5 to 2.5+ hours for condos), depending on the size and condition of the home, weather conditions, how many questions you may have, and unforeseen variables.

Uses Industry Leading Report Writing Software

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About Me

Jason Liszkiewicz
Philly Inspect Home Inspections, Llc
(267) 432-1776

Jason’s inquisitiveness, interest in meeting new people, and focused work ethic led him to home inspection. His view is that the home is one of the most important aspects to human life, and it’s an honor to provide home buyers with his services.