Walk-through Consultation

  • Starts at $105
  • A walk-through can be for potential buyers and investors during high-competition (or existing home owners). You and your agent accompany me to a house and we will tour and discuss the most important aspects of that house.
  • I bring a flashlight + moisture detector, and you take notes
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Home Inspection (buyers)

  • Price starts at $390 (Condos start at $290)
  • Includes use of a thermal/infrared camera.
  • See the What to Expect page. See this SAMPLE REPORT.
  • Wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection can be immediately added-on (Boro Extermination Company does the inspection).
  • Radon testing can be immediately added-on (Boro technician will do the testing).
  • For more info about Boro’s WDI inspection and radon testing click here.
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Home Inspection (sellers)

Maintenance Inspection

  • Price starts at $390 (Condos start at $290)
  • A maintenance inspection is like a checkup visit to the doctor or dentist that need only happen every 5 years or so.
  • A maintenance inspection can help you prioritize a home improvement list and to hopefully find out about small problems before they turn into big ones. Chimneys are especially a commonly-neglected component that are out-of-sight, out-of-mind, even for renovated homes.
  • See the buyer’s inspection info above, and this page for details.
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Thermal/Infrared Scan Only

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